About Swiftdine, Inc
Swiftdine is a technology company centered around convenience and efficiency. 

 We set out to maximize time for both our restaurant partners and app users.

By creating a service that gives you the ability to do what you already plan to do at the restaurant, we just about cut in half the amount of time you spend in a restaurant. At the same time opening up a table for the restaurant to get the next guest seated in, doubling their customer potential. 

Swiftdine recognizes both the value of time and, more importantly, your ability to control it. We’re here to give you the most fluid dining experience possible. We decided to create a platform that goes beyond reservations. Providing the restaurant industry with controlled automation is our main objective. We aim to make all restaurants an option regardless of your available time. With Swiftdine, time no longer needs to dictate when, and where you eat.

Swiftdine - dining

Swiftdine - dining

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Our services are the Swiftdine platform, offering reservations, food ordering, and order placement ahead of time. For dine in or take out. 

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