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Kyle Kuzma Partners With Swiftdine, the Future of Dining
May 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Swiftdine, Inc

Chicago, IL., May 29, 2019 — In this day and age there’s no reason to be subjected to waiting for your table or your food. Swiftdine partners with restaurants to handle not only their reservation system but their ordering as well. Customers of these restaurants can find them on the Swiftdine app, make a reservation, order their food and pay in advance so that the food is brought out once they sit down. Having the check paid means you can get up and leave as soon as you’re ready. Lakers NBA player, rising stars MVP, and NBA all-rookie first team (2018) Kyle Kuzma saw the tremendous benefit of the Swiftdine service and feels he can put his weight behind it to expand Swiftdine to the masses.

Swiftdine’s objective is to give the consumer the most convenient dining experience possible in every situation, while still offering the service and attention to detail as traditional dining. With a relatively short lunch break, your options are limited as to what, and where you can eat. Dinner with a jam-packed night of events is also not ideal, you have several things planned for your night out, and you would rather dinner not take two plus hours. Swiftdine is currently available in two markets, Chicago IL, and Atlanta GA. Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and San Francisco coming soon.

Swiftdine not only benefits the diner, the restaurant itself sees immense value in the sense of efficiency, thus leading to more turned tables. On average, a traditional customer, from walk in to check paid spends seventy minutes in the restaurant. A Swiftdine customer is spending thirty minutes. Restaurants can sign up to join the Swiftdine platform on their website (

Kyle grew up in the mobile tech age, and resonates with the convenience technology brings us on a daily basis. Cars are summoned to any location to take us to and fro, movie seat tickets are selected and paid for right from our fingertips, and now your favorite food is brought out to your table as soon as you arrive.

This service isn’t only meant for those times you’re in a rush. The point is to take out all the unnecessary parts of dining out. It makes sense to use Swiftdine for every time you take out or dine in. No one wants to wait.

Swiftdine is looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Kyle. We're excited to work together to deliver the next wave of modern dining to the masses.